Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Roti for two, Joanna for one.

Two computers. Four pillows. A cat that I just welcomed up into the bed. A bandana as a shirt, her fur against my open ribs. A man that just left me for Will Belford. Good trade.

Swell Maps, new Joanna on a record player that sounds real nice. What a nice afternoon. Mitch and I had lunch with Scotch and Rags; potato roti, mushroom curry, a date square. Before they came I met Lila Pearl, who is the prettiest thing I have seen since the birth of Olive. No baby will ever replace the lovely Olive. I can't seem to get over the sight of every album on vinyl I could ever imagine inside the shelf that used to be home to roller skates, binoculars, and a wig.

The cat is licking my wrist. I am okay with it, typing unabated. This is so strange.

I am so happy.

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