Saturday, August 28, 2010


Small Italy. There is nothing better than Italian food and coffee. Today Mitch and I ventured to Little Italy in search of the best coffee, the best pizza and Montreal's famous Jean-Talon Market. Holy-a-molia!!!!! We found the market by chance after a Michelle Hooey came for dinner one night and regaled us with tales of said market. I had a vague idea in my head of what it would be like, but when we got there we wandered around for half an hour with our mouths slightly agape and our eyes darting at all the colors, shapes and variety in wonder. I was in heaven.

Purple and orange cauliflower. Leaks as round as teen tree bark.

Every kind of tomato in the universe (it seemed), vegetables in every size of the spectrum from miniature to grande grande grande! Rags, I cannot WAIT to take you. We will choose a meal to cook together, go grocery shop, stop for coffee along the way, choose with care, and then we will cook something amazing! I thought of so many people today, all at once and separately, all for different reasons. Rags, it is obvious; that is our perfect playground I think. Rebecca, a quick journey back to Italy with you and Kitten. Drinking one million espresso, getting razzled by greased men and all of the obvious laughs. Erin, I caught your smell in the mushroom stall which made me swallow back tears the hardest so far. Right to the gut, I felt that one. Donna, Mitch and I cannot wait to take you here and then for beer and pizza in the park afterwards. Mike, I heard Sweet Caroline playing softling at the Pharmaprix today while picking up the mail. Aw, I miss you all.

I chose green and white beans (one dollar fifty), corn on the cob (6 for two dollars), shallots (one dollar), tomatoes (I am in love with tomatoes right now; all we have been eating here is tomatoes and basil in everything from soup, to reworked chili, to sandwiches, to eggs in the morning, to potato scrambles. The list is endless of things that could be cooked using those two ingredients alone!). After the tomatoes (a BAG full for two dollars), came baby potatoes (two dollars per pound!) and Ontario peaches (our most expensive produce at roughly one dollar per piece). After that were the million choices to make over dill, sage, thyme, oregano, cilantro, summer savory, mint (one dollar for a humungeous bag. WTF?). The list was kept simple, but I did cave (without hesitation) and buy a healthy and full Mother in Law's Tongue (aka Sansevieria in both Francais and English). I can never resist house plants when I am without them. Thankfully, when I walked into JJ's old apartment (the one that has been transformed into our new home; thanks JJ, I owe you big time) it was filled with happy plants. Her babies, she is a very good botanist.

So we have this new home. It is spacious for a one bedroom. Long and lean, I'd say with a funny layout that I have fallen in love with. Last night after a hilarious home renovation dans la cuisine (in the kitchen) starring Mitch and I, we sat back and admired what only a few screws can for a workspace. The pot rack bar is now hung and so is a spice shelf. A very serious spice shelf above the stove. I have been pretty obsessed with glass vessels of any type in that last few months and we are slowly trying to switch every powder, dry good and sugar into glass. It looks nicer and easier to monitor in a tiny kitchen like this new one I have. I am quite lazy and tend to waste food when cooking (yikes, I am working on this big time) so I find the glass holds me somewhat accountable. The last few days have been nuts here, trying to cook with some of JJ's kitchenware that I unpacked from her side of the living room out of desperation. Without jobs, I find myself spending the most time sitting on my tiny brick-and-blue balcony (also long and lean. I just moved my new Sansevieria plant in the red planter I have had forever out into the skinny leg of sun on the deck. I am so happy, writing here, watching my new baby and listening to Mitch put his bike together). More on bicycles later when I have actually experienced first hand what it is like to cycle in Montreal. Again, I have yet to put my bike together. I guess I am happy enough just cooking, eating, doing laundry, writing and learning the neighborhood on foot at the moment. Life is good! Sadly, I will have to find work very soon. "Hi do you want to buy a debit machine?", oh shit.

I keep thinking of things that I could do to keep sane after returding home from a dull 9 to 5 job at a call centre. That is terrifying.

Happy as a clam.

ps. Ha! I read this once more after pressin Publish Post and burst out laughing at the word RETURDING. Jillian, I am thinking of you, turd. Love to all, thanks for reading this thang.


  1. Hahaha, all I can think right now is "Yes!" and "Yay!!"

    Makes me so glad to read all of this.

  2. tomatooooooooooooooooesssssss!

    Ryan and I just read this together. We miss you and wish we could go market go market go market with you (both). xoxox