Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Okay, that was a bit of a sad reader. Things turned pretty quickly after that post. First of all, a few hours after pressing publish post, my brother Milky swung by for a last minute late lunch/early dinner jam before blasting westwards out of Montreal. It was awesome. I happened to be making some soup and by the time he got here, soup was on. I really enjoyed spending time with my brother these last few days. It felt grown up all of the sudden, being visited, and having company over to sleep on the "cheapest, shittiest air mattress I could find" (sorry Mike, haha). It also felt so normal--having him here I mean--we chilled out, walked all over, sat in parks, drank beer beside playgrounds, went to the market, drove all over town, visited the Old Port, saw some amazing bridges, sat on our balcony, cooked, ate, drank some more, went for dinner, went for breakfast, and also saw a flash of riders from the Tour de France race by on our journey home from Ikea. Oh Montreal, you just never know.

I was sad to see him go, maybe that was the reason for yesterday's post. Why the long face? Mitch and I looked at each other thirty seconds after bidding Milky adieu on Sunday night (I didn't think I would get to see him again until Christmas) and said "I miss Mike" at the same time. Turds. But we do! What an easy guest. Mitch's mama is coming this Friday to stay with us for the weekend and I am so excited to hang out with her! Donna do ya wanna; she is the kind of woman who is up for anything at any moment. We already have plans to run Mont Royal together (no racing allowed). Then again, Mike and I had the same plans but that idea fell to the wayside after our third or fourth meal in a row consisting mainly of butter, cheese, flour, and/or potatoes. It was a really nice weekend!

Okay, I am going to run that damn mountain again, even if it kills me. I feel better, ready to hit the pavement hunting for jobs. I also sourced a place to drop off my film (I think), so hopefully in a few days, the first batch of Montreal photos will be rolling in. These are the times it would be nice to have a digital camera. I have been having battery issues (thus causing me to miss Erin's entire wedding in photos. AGHHHHHH, that still kills me. At least there were one million amazing photographers there to capture the day), but I think I am dealt now.

Anyway, Milky, come back anytime. As for the rest of you, I have a cheap and shitty air mattress with your name on it! Keep in mind I also have a huge collection of the world's softest bedding.

James, I think of you so often it is mental. Wishing I had enough dough to zip over to your end for awhile. I promise to quit being a baby. Montreal is a stone's throw in comparison to TAIWAN. I love you man. Hang TIGHT.

Love, Margot.

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