Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bread basket for one.

Bread day today. Three pieces of toast (peanut butter and butter and peanut butter and honey) in the morning and two bagels for lunch. Giles swung by Leo's house after he finished his lunch (yogurt cheeks with pea hair and a veal beard again) and after bundling the boychild we walked over to Club Social and got coffees in tall skinny glasses and sat outside with our faces craned towards the sun. Sweet fall warmth.

Leo sat quietly, preoccupied with a myriad of strange contents from within the bowels of my Milk bag. What a kid. When the sun tucked in just enough to feel cold again, we left our empty glasses behind in search of a spot bathed in direct sunlight. Yesterday we sat in a park on Prince-Arthur sandwiched between St. Laurent and St. Denis eating (my very first) Schwartz's smoked meat sandwiches in the sun. Delicious, delicious, delicious. Today we sat eating hot sesame bagels from Fairmount Bagels talking about life. At one point, this soft beauty turned to me in all her silk and said, "you live here".

I know. YuhdunnevenKNA. I know. It is a pretty nice place to live, especially when I get to chow down on a hot bagel with a loved one. First came Mitch's mama, then Mike, and then Sula and Rags, and now Jillian. We have been blessed with a stream of great company thus far. This time spent with her has been so good, so fulfilling, reassuring, adventurous, hysterical. The list is forever long. It felt so good to go into a shop with one of my best girls today, stroller et al and try on the best damn pair of jeans I have ever seen. The search for my right pair is OVER! Hallelujah. I saw them and I just knew. Black, leather, chain. Woooooh hoo hoo baby. Super sass to the max. Speaking of which, R Rouge and I dolled up after a quick sprint around the neighborhood last night for the opening of our pal Nick's photo exhibit. It was beautiful--his work so soft and so technical. Clinical almost, in the clean sense of art. It was an interesting mix of people at the opening and Jill and I met some wonderful people to share a round of beers with after the show. It felt nice to leave the house in a long striped dress with smart shoes and a sleek 'do.

Leo is sleeping bum up, face down. I just made sure he was breathing. He is.

Hot sugar tea with milk, perfect beverage for the weather today. Montreal has been wonderfully bright and crisp as the last of the leaves cling and finally shake loose giving way for the winter. I am excited for a new look. New jeans, new look, new routine, new town, new friend, new outlook. My parents are coming tomorrow! La la la, I am so giddy just thinking of all of the things we will eat! Coffees and jewish patries (the petit pain au chocolat are pleasurable), smoked meat sandwiches, oysters, bagels by the half dozen, cheese, bread, breakfast, Mitch's famous pasta on Friday night! We might even visit Quebec City.

Good space Margot today. This is a photo taken inside of the children's big top at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. I love capturing dads and their babies.

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