Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Closed for good.

The old Face is dead and gone.

Facebook that is. Yesterday, after an enlightening three piece conversation with Mitch and Giles, I decided to turn off, close shop, check out, shut 'er down, and delete my account for good. What change can occur with a simple little shift in mentality. I have been looking to make a healthy change in my life for a few months now and this seems to be a good start. I am tired of hanging on (to what good?) and scouring pages for tidbits and pretty photos (I can go to the library). I am tired of publicizing and being publicized. Tired of eating up unnecessary and overshared information (for what good?).

The idea of social networking via the internet as a whole is quite a strange concept and the more thought invested into this subject specifically, the less interested I become.

I will miss seeing the baby photos though. Weird, I know, but I will. I trust Tiny Moms and Lisa will email the best ones (of babes Chili and Ribbons) to old Aunty Meg's uncool hotmail account. Thanks guys.

I much prefer the post. Nothing beats coming home to a tangible letter. Yesterday I received a great one from MJ (who recently told me she decided to challenge herself to writing actual letters to people she cares about for the first time in her life). Similar to MJ, I am hoping this decision will be a good personal challenge and am quite curious to see what comes to fruition in the spaces of time that I normally spend perched in front of a screen cruising through party pics (well, you know). I don't live in Winnipeg anymore, time to face the facts. I live in Montreal; time to step outside and meet some people.

Short sentences today. I don't have much to say on the subject now that it is finished. Let it be known that I will continue to write letters and emails as I used to (maybe even more so now that I won't be logging into the Face four to ten million times per day), I will continue to upload photos a la my Flickr account, and I will continue to maintain this very post (come to think of it, it is nearly time for a new one altogether) as it has been and continues to be a great writing outlet and exercise for my brain.

Also, Giles has landed. Last night we went for a very long metropolitan adventure run in our matching Running Room gear, winding through the core of Montreal's downtown. We ended up at a tiny joint tucked behind Concordia where we stuffed our faces with Zatar, pizza and diet pepsi for old time's sake. I missed her so. It is amazing how such a highly anticipated visit of pure quality and comfort like this one can feel so normal while it unfolds before us. It felt so normal to run beside her, darting crazy angles through throngs of people just to chase all the green lights. It felt real good.

I feel better already. Thanks for reading.


  1. A bold step. And wise, methinks. I'm unnecessarily tethered to millions trivial bits of outside lives...

  2. Aren't we all Jer. This seemed like a good step in the right direction, who knows.

  3. grrrrrrrl. I know the feeling. Social networking is a very trivial. It connects us in the worst way and has become this shitty expression of vanity. I took my break, and I feel another coming on. Got your letter last night. WHAT A PERFECT ENDING TO MY DAY! I nuzzled up with Basil and we read each selection out loud. I am DIGGING this diary entry jazz. Like whoa. I have so much to say to you, I will start a letter asap. GET A GMAIL ACCOUNT! It has this video feature and I had a real conversation with mama Heather the other night. The majority of it was me screaming like a fucking 6 year old in absolute delight that I could see her face, but it was a real conversation none the less! GMAIL TRUMPS HOTMAIL ANY DAY! DO IT! mine is lisaaaking@gmail.com. Go forth Meggo.

    I love you. I will talk to you soon xo. Lisel