Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Europe dreaming.

Okay, post three du jour. Time to think of some joyful things. My grandparents leave for Hawaii tomorrow! Aloha, goodbye, have fun you darlings! Be good, don't burn your skin! Travel, oh sweet travel. On nights like these, the open mouth crying face kind, dreaming of travel is all one can do.

Hand me a dog eared map, a sheet of looseleaf scrawled with Erin or Giles' Must Sees of Bali or India, five grand to piss up a rope, 25 rolls of 35mm color film and 25 rolls of black and white, one medium format Russian with 15 or so rolls for that, and one 8mm movie camera. Concordia won't know what hit them (when I learn how to write grants). Traveling Asia by moped armed with cameras and shooting a movie in my mauve dress and big hat, this is my current dream. I dream of India, I dream of blasting through a million rolls during the "Festival of Color".

A few days ago, I decided that after two or so years of school I am going to give everything I have to be able to study abroad come hell or high water. Amsterdam. Brussels. Bruges! Belgium was good to me, perhaps our love affair is just beginning?

White Widow jazz here I come. Europe dreaming, as always.