Thursday, January 20, 2011

Papa Bear.

Two times this week I have caught myself haphazardly drawing a hairy bear wearing a crown and playing upright bass. Colton, I have been drawing him as a bear playing Bob Dylan. I smell a bear. Today, with my mother in mind, I dug a little deeper and drew one hell of a house. The best house I have ever drawn. Once I figure out how to work my scanner I will put it up.

Thankfully, I am in much better spirits today. Say what you will, but I have hung a hard Larry onto Au Naturel ave. and am into it! Hairy armpits, take it or leave it. I smell like Will Belford these days which is nice as it reminds me of not only of William, but also of Maude. Funny how the scent of my own body oder can muster up so many feelings of longing for Winnipeg. Today was my first day wearing a D cup. HA! Always doesn't know SHIT!

I am listening to Bob Dylan's eighth album and my personal favorite, John Wesley Harding. I'll be your Baby Tonight. Oh yeah. Bring that bottle over here. I'll be your BABY tonight. The bass line just killllllllllllllllllllllls it on each track. Stand up. Upright, all the way. This album just gets me grooving. I am not quite sure what it is, but whenever I listen to it I can't help but think of my one and only Papa Bear, Colt Krachan (we might wed someday) who also kills it on the bass. Any kind of rhythm needed, that man knows how to shake it! Many a party in the bush started with Colt playing the drums with two sticks on an up turned pail.

I miss that guy. I had never met anyone quite like him and then we just kind of fell into each other, the way creatures of the same nature tend to do. I miss being called "Meggs and Bakey" in the morning. What a man! What a man, he is really something special. I have never met his parents Mike and Debbie, but I think it is safe to say they did a damn good job raising this man. We had a special understanding in the bush and were on the same crew. He is also as large as a bear. Colton, I love you.

Miss you buddy. Below behold, my friend Colt. And after that, another photo of Mama and Papa Bear taken in the Sand Pits of Sioux Lookout after a HARD six day work week by my friend Dylan Marshall. We be chillin'.

Love, Meggs Kracker.

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