Saturday, January 15, 2011

Running Room.

Help! I am at a crossroads.

Everything I see today is in contrast. It has been a great day to shoot. It took me so long to get home today from the Plateau. I had biked down there this morning (hoping for a Leonard Cohen sighting at Bagel Etc.) and when it came time to ride home, there was so much snow! Brown sugga. Natural Sugar. Anyway, I did something I don't normally do and walked Jessica Alba home, hand guiding her. Along the way I stopped to shoot anything that caught my eye. Freestyle street. I didn't have the gumption to ask for portraits this afternoon, as I felt too clumsy with the white bike in tow. Spotted two incredible tables for mine and Lo's soon to be home. Again there were no free hands so I kept on, unabated.

Current outfit, just because.
-Running Room jacket, black
-Shitty broken black pants
-Striped leggings
-Long socks
-Wool socks
-Pink waffle with white hearts
-Grey MEC from Rags
-Yellow Scarf
-Mizuno running shoes

Laundry is done, time to see Eddy (who is visiting from Toronto) for a flash. Gotta run. Gotta SEW.


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