Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Year of the Rabbit.

Today is Hump day. Tossed Christmas trees line the streets of the neighborhood. Every horizontal tree Leo and I passed this morning on our walk to nowhere fast, he put a little finger against little lips and went "Shhh". Shh is the new black at Casa Spry. Leonard Arthur Spry learns to shush.

Christmas is over, Christmas is very over. Leo's latest discoveries make me swell with pride. He is laughing so much now, I can hardly believe that two months ago I nearly fell over the first time I made him laugh. Now he just laughs at me. One of my favorite parts of our day together is when he peaks through the window of the front door and laughs his head off as I haul the stroller up a steep flight of stairs. I make faces and he shushes me. Someone has to. I wish I knew how to upload the photos I took of him playing outside today (with his papa's millionaire digital Nikon), but there is no connector to be found and the entire process is far beyond me.

Oh my goodness Leo, I love you. I love you so much that I will even make a fool of myself at Mama Dance with your Baby class at the YMCA. Sometimes my daily life astounds me. In the first five minutes of our first Mama Dance with your Baby class, Leo slit his lip open on a tambourine during a wild Parisian dance number. Ooooof course he did. I tried to casually stopper the blood coursing down his chin while jiggling to the beat. We are quite a team. Eventually, he was over it and spent the last 45 minutes running and screaming around the giant gym as work out buffs in the mezzanine looked on laughingly. Oh Leo, you beauty.

When I am not with the Petit Poulet, I can be found in my work room, up to my neck in limbs. Lady Longbods have long been replaced with Year of the Rabbit rabbits, my new thang. Last Saturday, the idea just blasted into my head and along came a much better way to sew them. That, along with one hundred tips from my tireless and dear friend JJ (Maggie Moonchild), my product is getting better! Stronger! Phewph. I still feel like I am a million days away from portfolio production, so right now I am keeping my head down and just adding to it blindly without an idea in the world as to how much I have, or how much I need. And I have been drawing again! So Year of the Rabbit rabbits for all.

My single resolution this year is to just relax. Just RELAX, whatever that means, however it happens, that is the goal. Relax in life and love, in breathing and worrying. Just relax Margot, this is your life, right now, today, relax. No more future dreaming, it is so far beyond my control that I am putting a stop to all the worrying. What happens happens. In the interim, I will sew Rabbits and draw! An etsy shop is in the wings, but first I must crank out a healthy inventory. Sometimes the RIGHT NOW stuff that is cool on the internet depresses me, makes me tired and want to crawl into bed. Too many hours are spent under blankets watching Casablanca and Breathless over and over, and not working. So. No more movies! Two days ago I watched Rosemary's Baby, which was just pure bananas! Holy shit.

Moving on to a new topic: Mother Hen Pride.

I am so proud of my sister, Erin! Her and her amazing partner in collection crime, Stef Heibert have banded together at last to birth their latest baby brainchild: Oh So Lovely (clicccccck on it), a brand spanken new internet post bursting with potential. Both women have such star power (I am so proud!) and sterling characters, not to mention each woman's personal sense of style! Whoa, walking into either of their homes is just something else all together. With their twin love for Sixties gems and years worth of stockpiled vintage clothes and flare, these two are going to BLAST the blog world with success! And they are both workaholics grounded by good men and family. Sounds like success to me. Erin, I love you, I am so proud of you! The new blog is packed to the tits with cuteness and personality. I would like to interview them, stay tuned.

Speaking of birthing, Rags are you in labor? Holy shit, the idea of baby Chillllllz being born already is nuts, and so is the idea of you being in labor RIGHT NOW and me being too far away to snap inappropriate photos. I would give away a kidney or an ARM to see that girl fresh out of the oven. Tiny dancer, my dear friends daughter so near the surface of this crazy world. HEEEEELLLLLO Babes McLaren, welcome to a sea of people who love you so much. Whoa, I am overcome with emotion. I love you, I miss you, I am so proud of you Rags! Agggggghhhhhh, can't wait to smoosh that baby's face into my own. And THEN I can hardly WAIT to strip her naked and cart her off to the nearest room with the best light and just take roll after roll after roll. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. There are not enough Year of the Rabbit rabbits in the world for this girl. Wheeeeeeeeeew, I am full of love.


  1. Thanks sister mary clarence! Love you longtime! Miss you like whoa!

  2. Woman, I was TOTALLY in labor when you posted this. Just read it now. Full play-by-play of Willa's arrival to come...


  3. Technically, the Tiger still has a month or so to meow, but you know what they say, Zodiac Scrodiac.