Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A trip to the homeland.

Sometimes, there are no words necessary when one has photographs. What a wonderful holiday. Up in the woods, in a tent fit for four queens, smoking on frozen water, mealtimes and cups of tea with pregnant belles, wandering town sidewalks with my family, scenes of a city at magic hour, wandering through the brush by the river with my brother Rudy, walking alone in Winnipegtown with my camera and bare hands.

Christmas holidays, as seen through my Nikon F3. Enjoy.

*The single photo of myself as well as the Candle Seance shot both taken by Lisa King.


  1. MEGGO! I woke up not too long ago and these beautiful photos were the perfect addition to my morning. holy bananas I miss you. Sorry for the blurry photo! bahh! I don't have primo clicking fingers like you giiiiirl. Talk soon. missumissumissu

  2. Magical...worth at least 19,000 words describing the intertwining of arctic blasts and the warmth of love.

  3. so absolutely wonderful! you are an amazing photo taker maker. xx