Friday, March 25, 2011

Ilford Lake.

No new work to share as I am waiting hungrily on the first roll shot with the Kiev along with another roll of 35mm B&W. Here are some portraits, scenes of city and countryside, a few double exposures shot with one boot in the bush and one sandal in the city. There is something about black and white film--the grain, the subtleties of it--that keep me coming back for more. I find it thrilling to shoot with, seeing life without color. The more lines and contrast, the better. Yum? Is that appropriate? Who cares. Yum.

I ordered a whole bunch of 120 for my Russian last week, fliffin'. Time to learn how to shoot that 'thang. Nothing new to report, Spring is here along with Lisa King! We are partying, too busy to pen. Bagels, coffee, Le Poulet the entertainer, stoops, crafts.


Orrin eats; Sioux Lookout, Ontario; 2010.
Meris' safety glasses; Sioux Lookout, Ontario; 2010.
C&A summer nuptials, Winnipeg; 2010
Avenue du Parc, Montreal; 2011.
Smith Street, Winnipeg; 2010.
Smith Street, Winnipeg; 2010
Donald Avenue, Winnipeg; 2010.
Winnipeg Folk Festival; A hungry teen, 2010.
Kenora, Ontario; Summer 2010.
Sigourney & Alpaca, Summer 2010.
Winnipeg Folk Festival; Amy & Roony, 2010.
Winnipeg Folk Festival, 2010.
Winnipeg Folk Festival; Tiff/ Christian, 2010.

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