Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Crib to mountain.

'Been lying down in the forest lately. Writing letters to Eddy (camp highballer) from my new found spot in the forest on Mount Royale. A tall tree stand of elms called out to me while hiking through the neighborhood bush with Chanel last weekend. One beer, pinner dinner for one, heavy cardstock ripped from my drawing book, date stamp, ink pad, a breeze in my ear. I forgot how much I love the sound of creaking trees.

'Been in a weird state of late, again. Tired of swinging low, nothing to say, nothing to write, empty brained and blank. Blanko meow. Didn't make it to the forest yesterday (other than a quick mountain perch with Simon while Leo slept and then woke in a start. Crib to mountain, he was freaked out) because Steph, mine and Lo's new roommate from Taiwan arrived to Montreal! Steph and I rode the bus home and walked into a dinner spread fit for queens, a la Lo and JJ. Family dinner at Casa Clark, it was wonderful.

Summer is settling in upon shoulders, surprising warmth, bucket hats for the baby, big round eyes and a mouthful of sand. Oh Leo, how I love you.

Tree stand/ Mess tent; Sioux Lookout, Ontario 2011.

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