Monday, May 16, 2011

Stupid grin and sew forth.

I had a weird encounter with a man child on the weekend. A date? Not worthy of the title. I was wearing a floor length dress dripping black for Chanel's goth princess birthday party in the lazers. Knowing the lazer dance was drawing to a close, I pitched "bike ride" to the bearded child while he apparently heard "bed ride". Good lord, where has the decency gone? I left him slack jawed at the bottom of the stairs, and ran for cover. Not wanted on the voyage. I nanny for a living, no need to woo another baby.


With that said, I am single as ever and happy as a clam. With every new date, I am reminded how the search is pointless. The weekend was wonderful, regardless. Lola's parents were in town from Winnipeg for a daughter visit and they spoiled the whole Casa Clark family. Italian dinner, one hundred bottles of vin, and one insane trip to Ikea which resulted in a complete turn around for this single lady. After a four year hunt for bedding, I found what I was looking for. Coral floral overlay on white with a splash of red and blue, a little orange, a little yellow and beige stripes. Nice. Perfect palette for pull-ins. Stripes and floral, of course. This purchase inspired me to make over my bed. Thrift sheets, get out of here. Is this important information? Soul feeding? Not really, though the change in duvet also welcomed a change in attitude. Perhaps it was the rest of two consecutive days off. Whatever it was, the change was a welcome one. 

On Sunday, I woke early to rain with a hunger to SEW. So sew I did. From morning to night. Along with bedding, new throw pillows were also acquired. Pillows without covers. Pillow covers are daunting. No, in actuality it is the first cut into beautiful fabric which is scary. But, I am in this new FACE FEAR zone (perhaps brought on without the fiscal planting season which is incredibly mental). To be honest, it feels a bit headstrong and crazy at times to be in such a place, but also empowering with every fear conquered. May has marked a New Year for the last couple of years and the present is no different. Happy New Year. There comes a wild need for physical and mental challenge with the birth of Spring and defeating fear seems to be working for me. Fear of sewing? Odd; but lately, yes. 

Fear of failure.

After an inspirational fruit bowl and ten million cups of coffee at Arts Cafe with Chanel, back to my empty home I went. It is amazing what the internet offers (and quite frightening). A quick tutorial view and I was on my way, winging it, laughing at the thought my dad's tiny mother Annie spinning in her grave as she watched my sewing spew forth. Laughing at the thought of Grandma and I making the very first Lady Longbody on her old Elna machine back in July 2010. Learning curve! Crooked lines to straight. I started with a mock up in muslin for the first pillow cover and experimented until I had a good handle on the process. In retrospect, this is how I make art. Trial and error and a whollllllle lotta luck. Few things please me more in this approach than when the end result matches that of the initial vision.

The fruit of my Sunday labors are three beautiful pillow covers ranging in size from 16" square to 26" square, two of which are made of muslin and one with striped cotton. The last cover of the day is one I hope to have forever. If I were a pillow, let me tell you I would be the big fat down pillow draped in navy and white stripes with the orange piping sitting proudly on the bed. Figuring out the piping situation was a funny process, no tutorial necessary when you can just rip apart something else to see how it is done. Now more than ever I know I learn with my hands and eyes, not my ears sadly. This will take more discipline as the years pass, I imagine.

It felt great to work myself out of the slump that has been slowly filling my lungs with watery despair. Especially with a project I am incredibly proud of. I make art, but rarely does the resulting medium leave me with a feeling of I made this??! Yup. Laura's mom Anna taught me the art of basting (goodbye pins). This simple tip n' trick changed my handle on sewing completely. 

Writing seems to be low priority right now. Missing home, family, Grandma, siblings, friends, babies, Girl Club. Hearing Rouge's voice this morning barely satiated the hunger for all of these things, but it was good while it lasted. What I would give for a drive to Percy Lake (or anywhere) with the triplets. 

Nothing new to report. 

Said pillow, sewn envelop style with piping. Montreal, 2011.

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