Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dad Beard and Chanel.

Just got in from an alley tour. The change in perspective was a welcomed one. Training eyes on the backs of homes illuminated against the dim of dusk. Heavy canopies of vines.

Samedi, a day of rest. Woke late, red wine flowing in place of blood in the bed of my veins. Party time. Last night after entertaining dinner company, I attended an impromptu bush birthday ripper down the street from my home, only to come back to find the Wives and Charles heading to Casa Del Popolo for biere and disco. Rode along happily, guiding Jessica Alba along the bike path. My bicycle is finally straight as an arrow. A little tight in the stem for my taste. Where is the balance? I continue ask myself this. Je sais pas.

Went to Chanel's as per usual. Coffee for breakfast, jazz in the jungle of her living room at the Bro Pad. What company I have found in those Petshop clowns--Dad Beard and Chanel. I like starting my Saturday morning amongst all those happy plants she has on the go. Dealt with my wheel for the low price of fourteen dollars and walked home (sans wheel) triumphantly. Strike. CHECK. Tomorrow pick up and then the first parade ride of the season. Looking forward to coasting around corners on Ruby.

En route, I ran into a gentleman whose portrait I shot a couple of weeks back (pictured below left). He was disheveled and I wished I had a cigarette to offer him. He was crossing Fairmount while I waited for the light to turn and all he said when he came into my line of vision was "Photographer". A delay, then sudden recognition on my part. "Ah oui, merci pour la photograph". He looks like he could be a famous film star on haggard holiday. Interesting features, brusque speech, impeccable Anglais. We walked side by side and after a time he asked me why I shoot around the neighborhood.

Good question. For practice, was my first answer. To challenge myself to slide out of the comfortable and ask difficult questions, to document, to freeze moments that catch my eye. I often wish my camera was less conspicuous, it is far more difficult than it seems to shoot and run. Then again, it is the very exchange within the portrait session (no matter the length of the encounter) that thrills me. This was the first time in my life I have ever reconnected by chance with a previous Street Portrait subject. It was interesting. Always wishing I had something to give, there was nothing on my person but clothes.

Business card, get on it.

My neighborhood is quite interesting. Summer is in.

Ca va; Montreal, Juin 2011.

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