Friday, June 10, 2011

The Lookout.

The ever ending wheel project and some CRAZY shoes; Montreal, June 2011.

Ping of a typewriter, carried through the air from somewhere. The never ending wheel diaries. I am trying to build up a new bicycle. Her name is Ruby, she is a little red pony, Velosport, size 50 or smaller, nothing to write home about. Riser handle bars, a huge change in body position from Jessica Alba's drops. Pretty much in running order, save for the last project pictured. The front wheel, missing two spokes (NEVER ride a wheel with broken/missing spokes, rim tension goes out the window). So there is that, I like the weekend hunt. New seat, new pedals, grease, vinegar, Pledge (yes, I Pledge my bicycle as it is an excellent dust repellant). In other news, a very attractive chef (je pense) lives across the way from Leo's back balcony. I like watching him snip herbs in the afternoon sun, making lists for himself, concocting sauces with a tea towel thrown over his shoulder. Men who can cook? Yes please. 

Vendredi, hallelujah. Blue skies, warm sun. Even the birds are excited. Tonight I am making dinner for a new friend, Laure. Fish last night, fish again tonight. Rocket salad with a zingy dressing, bean salad from a recipe of Pat's. This week has held dinner party after dinner party. Last night was no exception. Michelle Hooey's whirlwind Eastern Tour dropped anchor in Montreal and she came by Casa Clark for dinner. That woman is a force. It felt so good to just sit around a table together, Martha Street memories so close to the forefront I could almost taste ink.

Jeanette, Lola, Michelle and myself sat around a table sighing with summer bounty, candles lit, Peter and the Wolf playing behind us. I love summer cooking! Holy hannah I have been so inspired, sure and comfortable in my summer kitchen this week. Feeding five? Two hours to plan, shop and prep? Alright. Yesterday I whipped around my kitchen in a frenzy, thinking of my ma as fish was prepared, vegetables diced and ready to go, a new tomato, spinach sauce on the go to top off the fish.

- smashed garlic, add sliced onion once garlic colors golden (nice and low)
- roast a bit of coriander seed in the oven, grind, add
- splash of red wine, reduce
- nob of butter
- salt and pepper
- around 12 plump italian tomatoes (one size up from cherry), halved
- splash red wine vinegar
- handful of clean spinach
- let this roll for a while on med low; delicious on Tilapia

Coriander seed. One of my favorite spices and totally under utilized in my kitchen. I found it unopened while rooting around for peppercorn (which I am forever running out of). I have been obsessed with concocting salad dressings lately. They are incredibly easy to make, they keep forever in glass in the fridge. Trying to challenge myself to concoct a dressing per week as an attempt to eat more greens. Arugula, kale, spinach, greens greens greens. Yesterday I hit up the PA (neighborhood grocery) with a sizable list for the Martha Street reunion dinner and was shocked when the total was under 20 dollars. What? SEASONAL produce is back, thank goodness. 3 pounds of strawberries for five dollars? I made a cake. It turned out, didn't flop! Went to the Poissonnerie and picked up two pounds of Tilapia (the salmon was $18.99/lb! Too much for this gal). Someday, I hope to get my life in order enough to have a freezer stocked with meat and fish. Simple goal, not so doable right now.

While I may not have much to say these days, I seem to have no problem cooking for the masses. I find it more difficult to cook for one than for five or six. Entertaining holds me accountable to the state of my home, the cleanliness of my bathroom and kitchen (which are very close together). The older I become, the more I appreciate this skill set within me passed down from generations before. I called my mum and she was in her own kitchen, hustling around, seventeen things on the go. Timing is everything, I learned this from her. Nothing beats a full-set summer table, table cloth, napkins, happy bodies, food babies, red red red wine.

If art school flops, I am going to cooking school, no contest there.

Other than cooking and entertaining, I have been shooting. Yesterday while on a mission to wrap up some loose school ends, I picked up a few rolls of 35mm film shot in the last couple of weeks. Sometimes I feel lonely here but in the last few weeks I have met some pretty incredible people. Luan from Brazil and Laure of France, two photographers as kind as the day is long. It was interesting to hang out in the park together, 10 personalities on a blanket. I am finding it easier to be at ease around the people I have met, but am frustrated by my tendency to remain quiet. Unable to understand the flow of conversation 96% of the time, active listening and laughter are it. Luan shot a photo of me at the park the day following the Ladybird Sale. I think it sums up my newfound character to a tee. Reserved, quiet, vulnerable, wistful, steady, content.

Megan at Parc La Fontaine; Montreal, June 2011. Photo by Luan Banzai.
This is Luan, quietly handsome; Montreal, Juin 2011.
Laure in the light; Montreal, June 2011.

Jamille in the rocking chair, a beauty inside and out; Montreal, June 2011.

Teens on Rue Clark; Montreal, Juin 2011.

Leo's ma and pa came to visit; Montreal, Juin 2011.
Barber shop Jade jungle on Parc; Montreal, June 2011.
Jessica Alba's new look Pt. 1; Montreal Juin 2011.

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