Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Poisson boisson.

Makin' tea in my underwear.

Lines from age old Shins on my mind. Leo and I walked around the neighborhood armed with big pieces of chalk earlier today. He scribbled at random, eating more chalk than distributing. I left little hearts all the way to Saint Urbain. I lost interest quickly. Leo has learned how to bite his way out of hand holding.

I miss my girlfriends. Oh achity ache, what I would give to sit and drink coffee with company. Or to hop in a car and hit the beach in a stupid hat, obnoxious colored nailbeds.

It is laughable how little I have to say these days. In lieu of stunning conversation, I am reading. So much it is laughable.

Time for a random list:

- eat more fish
- expand the cooking scope
- go to yoga
- get over the french cycle shop fear and pick up two spokes
- true 26" wheel by weekend
- make more salads
- stand up straight
- stretch in the morning

Recipe from The Glow, 2011.

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