Monday, June 27, 2011

Doors thrown wide.

June is slip sliding away. Summer, so far so good. After a good day with Le Poulet (one more week in his home until he moves up the street), I had a cat nap in the sun on the front balcony and then hopped on Alba and hightailed it for magic hour at Parc Jeanne Mance. While at the parc with some friends, I met so many Concordia alumni. Art students. Nearly all of them were in some sort of art study. I was most thrilled to meet a girl who reminded me of Molly! Celina, Fibers artist! Maybe this sounds silly, but I can't even explain how thrilling it is to hear word about the programs I am signed up for, never mind to meet people within the actual studio. She is second or third year in, obsessed with any process related to fabric. She told me a bit about the class, the dipping, the dying, the deconstructing, the burning, the weaving. I had to leave I was so excited. School for the arts. I can hardly fathom such a thing!

I left, too much excitement. Simon was wearing his Greek fisherman's hat (black with a fat braid) and it made me long for my Nikon, nowhere near reach. I guess I was seeing in Contrast Vision today, for black all over objects or sudden stripes in my line of vision just get me fired up. I met another girl who is slated to begin photo studies in September as well. She was asking light meter questions and I laughed aloud when she looked to me for answers. I had little to string together for her other than a few funny tips that she clearly did not follow. How does one teach a feeling? Silly. I need to be slapped upside the head with technicalities and numbers. AHHH. 

Picked up some photos today with Leo running wild and barefoot in Excellent Photo, a family run print shop in my neighborhood. The Ass Hat behind the counter had no idea what was going on. I came within moments of hopping over the counter to help him with his search. 

Sigh. Yes. M-E-G

Two of out ten. The rest were overexposed, glaring sun wiping out the picture. Ghosts at a Ladybird Sale. How does one learn anew? Time to trade feelings for pure mechanics. School is NEAR! Shit. Shit. Shit. Liza. Shit. I am excited. 

Fibres: Print and Dye
Photo Darkroom: Black and White

These are my two studio focuses this year with many photo theory and history classes in between. Wild times ahead. I need to learn fast before this trade of mine fades away!!!!! Below are two shots that sum up my handle on life these days outside of how I pay my rent: working on art, cooking in this home Laura and I have made for ourselves. 

I leave in thirteen days! Can't wait to learn how to tie knots properly. 

Dinner with Lola; Montreal, June 2011.

Parent Stencil; Montreal, June 2011.


  1. are these the two that worked?! they are REMARKABLE! oh man. I love the look of that supper.

    but I also feel for you big time. I had a roll that didn't work out recently and its hard to get over. super heartbreaking.


  2. Nik, hello. Thanks for swinging by this place. It IS heartbreaking. The Kiev is such a gamble; photos always lost, dropped out, rolled over. But when they come back full of contrast--OOOOH WE! Love photography. I remember pouring over your Thailand Jamaica book on your princess bed at your mums. Summer air, June 2008? Good summer with you.

  3. :)

    ps. the white out photos are aweosme.