Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ghost Sale.

Below hang the ghost shots, ragged due to not understanding how to operate my camera in bright ass sun. Sun is tricky, the dark trickier.

I miss Chanel, she tells it on the mountain these days (a la British Columbia [what a name]). Be safe!

This is weird, but I came across an old car parked so secretively and obviously at the same time on one of my alley tours. I love looking at it at night, visiting it with Leo in the afternoon. It is strange to feel so connected to an old car with wooden spokes! Shit, thin tires, box frame, it is a BEAUTY. Chanel and I discovered it together a few weeks back on while on a pilgrimage under the full moon. I hope I drove that thing in another lifetime, my corset flying wild from the tailgate! The vehicle itself is very old with impeccable restoration. Time machine, I have no doubt. I have shot many photos of it, all the rolls suspended somewhere out of sight, mid process. We'll see.

Now for a photo entry, the curation of it a bit random. Flop shots in my books, but shots none the less. Their story is faint.

Ghost pictures!

Ghost dog at the Ladybird Sale; Montreal, June 2011.
Ghost Stef drinks Poor Man's Sangria; Montreal, June 2011.

Ghost chaps; Montreal, June 2011.
Ghost laugh; Montreal, June 2011.
Ghost with the Most, Christiane; Montreal, June 2011.

Ladybird Sale ghosts; Montreal, June 2011.

Ghosts of Italian Vogue; Montreal, June 2011.

Laura Beeston and Isabelle Guimond, babes; Montreal, June 2011.

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