Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer haze.

Leo is calling "maman" from his playpen in my room. His maman et papa are moving house today so we are staying out of their hair. Day time sleepover at my house. Here is a photo diary of my summer in progress. Lazy afternoons, intricate salads, sitting beside my begonias in the rocking chair, walking around town, camping with Stef on the Lachine Canal at Montreal's Folk Festival on the Canal. Easy breezy. 

There has been a shift in the plates, change is stirring.

Begonias for Auntie Marj; Montreal 2011.

Summer lunch; Montreal 2011.

Pepper on the run; Montreal 2011.

There she goes; Montreal 2011.

Wandering around town, Montreal 2011.

Cruising on Fairmount; Montreal 2011.

This looks intense. Ordered chaos; Montreal 2011.

Father's Day lunch with Chanel; Montreal 2011.

Saturday afternoon room clean, these are my feet; Montreal 2011.

Collection of Small Things, a 3D collage; Montreal 2011.

Stef the happy camper (we went Urban Camping); Montreal 2011.

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