Saturday, July 2, 2011


Summer balcony at Casa Clark; Montreal 2011.

Knife rack below my favorite Elizabeth Ashton photo "The Magician's Van"; Montreal 2011. Yum.

Tub Worship in living color; Montreal 2011.

Foliage House at the end of Clark; Montreal, June 2011.

House Fuck Cops; Montreal, Magic Hour 2011.

Backside of Casa Clark, Montreal 2011.
(I spy four horses, do you?).

Backside of Old Lady Clark; Montreal, June 2011.

Luan's new look; Montreal, June 2011.

Shooting on the Lachine Canal; Montreal 2011.

Beauties in love on the Lachine; Montreal 2011.

Vogue Taiwan on the Lachine; Montreal, June 2011.

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