Saturday, July 2, 2011

Little Houses.

The Little House, a classic. I have read the storybook version, but this Disney animation was such a surprise. One of the few things I tend to draw from my mind are little houses. Naturally, I was drawn to this.

Lazy Saturday! God, I love the weekends. Spent my Saturday afternoon at the bike shop (new pedals) with Jean-Daniel. He is my bike guy, always the first one to help. Today I met another character whose name I didn't catch! While we were waiting our turn together outside the shop, we began to converse. While eyeing his beautiful bicycle, he explained the source of speed on a bicycle in such a way I had never heard before. While quality components add to a bicycle, he was so passionate in explaining how IMPERATIVE  the geometry of one's frame is. Angles. Then he turned to Alba resting against the shop front and broke down all the reasons my mixte will never be fast.

I have been in a frustrated riding place lately. While it feels great to ride with regularity these days, it is becoming painfully obvious that I need a change from fixed gear. I love my bicycle, but I would like to learn to road ride long distances. Road bike, it is time. AHHH! Frightening. This is interesting. Such a move from a single speed to gears demands a completely different set up. Saddle, seat post, front wheel, slicks, pedals, headset, stem and bars are transferrable, yes, but I am in the market for quite a few components. Preferably, I would like to keep Alba as is and start again with an entirely new project.

I have my eye on a little Italian spotted at a Racing shop near my home. Details to come. To build or to buy? Build and buy? Yikes, the cash. It is greedy to have two beautiful bicycles, this won't be the first time. I am simply not ready to let my slow pony go. As far as my future bicycle is concerned, in my head I see a small men's road frame, a small cassette of gears, slim and plain but quality components, a front rack (the one I spotted today in the basement of C&L, custom pizza racks made in Montreal), 700s, quality slicks. Whenever I hear Pat talk about his epic long distance bike rides I long for gears. Maybe I am just a pussy with little stamina.

Longing for longevity. Time will tell. I shot a few photos of said sexy road bike belonging to the interesting man whose name I didn't catch. What knowledge! He poured out with it, ignited by my keen interest and hungry lens. As I was readying to shoot his bicycle portrait, I heard the tink tink of a metal clip and whipped around to the empty spot where Jess was. Gone! Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Oh god, my bike. Gone. I ran to the ally, looking desperately for a culprit and one last look at my baby. Gone. I am sure my eyes have never been rounder, such sadness in an instant, camera lifeless in my hands. I looked to the man I was shooting, both of us flabbergasted at the thought. Non! Non! Non!

Then I remembered to look inside the shop. JD had her up in the stand, skinny wrenches around her headset throat. Dear Lord, what a careless loss that could have been. Always lock your bike Madge. Come ON! Lesson learned.

Interesting things are at work. I have a crush on road bike. Summer is in!

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