Thursday, July 28, 2011

Party of four.

Yacht chic or Clown chic? Oh the veins of fashion lying in wait within my closet. You know you are free when the pressing question is "what to wear?". Usually it is "why aren't you drawing?". Clown clothes tonight, the lot of them. 

Kelly Clarkson practice. Trying to sing aloud, even if the songs are embarrassing. I found one song I would like to attempt to sing at karaoke--The trouble with love is--probably because it reminds me of my sis. Lola and Chanel are seasoned goers. I am downright terrified to step out, but dead curious. What a crock of useless information here today. God! I need to get out more.

Tonight I am going OUT. In a really electric blue dress. In heels. Whoa la. We'll see what Chanel has up her sleeve. We never go out for cocktails here! I used to sit bar side with Rebecca on a weekly basis, drinking the rent down in rouge form. Good form. Oh to be young and free. 

Today I made a new friend. It was really the start of something. Uma is her name. She caught my eye at the splash parc, I liked her enthusiasm. She is four. After work with Leo I went to Club Social for a solitary coffee and was mid sentence in a letter to Erin when I saw Uma running top speed towards my position on the bench. This is how our conversation went:

It's you! 
Hey girl. 
Where is your naked baby?
He is at home eating supper.
I have diabetes. 
That's okay. Do you want to wear my hat?
Yes. Can you paint my toes?

We huuuuuuuuuuuuung out on the bench for a good hour and a half, her babe dadda shocked at her pool of ice cream lying forgotten beside her. We were in the middle of an elaborate princess drawing, too busy to eat. Her diction was that of a ten year old. She explained how insulin worked, explaining how it made her feel as she gave me a guided tour on her body; fingers connecting pinpricks like constellations.

I showed her my Grandma tattoo, I think she was impressed.

Uma! Four years old. Super sass. She asked me what "chic" meant when she heard it and I laughed through my explanation just imagining the word coming out of her mouth during breakfast the next day. Single parenthood sounds difficult. She was a complete delight and dismissed her dad immediately. He looked like he needed a good rest. The relief on his face was thanks enough. Looking forward to hanging out with Uma from Yellowknife at the Splash tomorrow. 

Montreal is filled with drifters, this I know. I am one of them. Sitting beside Uma in my giant hat as magic hour crept in, our bodies slumped against each other, I felt at home. Hallelujah. Just drawing with someone with such a detailed thought process was enchanting! She encouraged my illustration. Thanks girl. One of the most exciting things I have found about moving away is the delight in meeting people! You just never know how a bench encounter can change your life. 

My friend Uma, she's a fire cracker. I am back in the babysitting biz folks, yup 25 and ALIVE.

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