Friday, August 19, 2011


Cruisin' to Goats' Island; July 2011. Photo by Sara May.

WELL. Today has been lovely thus far. Leo has been a pissy bitch for a greater portion of the day but he is sleeping now, thank god. We swung by the Lady Pad and to my great delight, there was a package from Rags. Not a letter, a package! While Leo danced with Laura, I cut my way through and found a letter too!

Thanks woman, you know me through and through. I was downtown this morn picking up a color crop and had to refrain from stepping into any shops. No no no, no need. It just felt like the kind of day to find a new shirt. Oh well. Shortly thereafter I opened your mail and out fell the Creme de la Creme, a shirt straight off your own damn back. LOVE IT. Wearing it right now.

Tonight Chanel, Lola et moi are celebrating our 3-4-1 Anniversary party at Casa Clark. Shit show, presumably. Laura has lived in Montreal for four years (!!!), Janelle three years (!!!) and one for me. Baby's first year. Shira Time is in town for the grand event and I am praying I wake up tomorrow.

Here are some COLOR photos (just not the same).

Luke Jones of Winnipeg at Parc Outremont; Montreal, August 2011.

Looking out across the St. Lawrence to downtown Montreal; July 2011.

Naked wild child at his chalet. Goats' Island, QC; July 2011.

Tante Lisa, best aunty in the world. Montreal, August 2011.

This is a test. August 2011.

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