Saturday, August 20, 2011

Peace like a river.

Dear Michael in Mauve, it was a moment shared with you inside my closet when I realized that I am as free as I choose to be. The future is nothing but now. This is my home, Montreal. I am so proud to live in this province, grateful for the freedom to pursue my passion here.

Together with Chanel and Lola and so many others, we celebrated the lives we live and the life we share in Montreal. Dear Madge, life is not the destination, but the journey. Aunty Daryl, you wrote something close to this in a fat journal which you gave to me on the eve of my first European adventure. I woke with that adage flying around my head like a bird, Laura and Shira's laughter filling up the space of the kitchen like liquid. It is the damn journey. For once in a lifetime I was nothing but relaxed in my own home spilling with strangers. Sailing in and out of rooms, I found the quiet I was looking for in the closet with Michael. There was a party and I was calm.

To wrap up one fiscal year of my life, I zipped into my coral Tony Chestnut MOH dress in honor of my sister's wedding anniversary, one year ago tomorrow: August 21st, 2010. Happy anniversary. I love you and Derek both very much. Every day is a year, fiscally speaking.

Peace like a river in my soul today. I watched the sun come up on my back balcony wearing nothing but a Creme de la Creme shirt paperthin and panties. Feet dangling. The blackest soles you ever did see.

My hips don't lie. Ma Francais, c'est tres maigre. Take it or leave it Montreal, I am here to learn.

Laughing Ladies illustration. Ink to print copy with marker overlay. Made with love.

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