Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Beef Stroganoff.

I am listening to a record as I type. Kurt Vile. The Listening Station took on a sliver of shape today. I was on a mission, driven by headache, slugging coffee while pushing Leo at top speed on Parc. We were headed for Little Italy but a turntable caught my eye and I was sidetracked, Italy forgotten. So Leo explored while I wheeled and dealed. Went home after five with that heavy partnership in my arms, cords wild. No speakers, that will come. Can't rush these things.

Gonzales' Solo Piano was the first thing I listened to, work music. Jana/ Devendra split next, I haven't heard that in many moons.

Made Kim Kroeker's Beef Stroganoff for Sahra and two squirrels named Simon and Steve. Tablecloth. Great recipe ma.

School is near, I can almost taste it.

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