Thursday, August 25, 2011

Planet of a Flower.

Musical journey tonight. Cymande and Mij. Dove and Yodeling Astrologer. Tres bizarre. The best beats, whistle and falsetto I ever did hear. I can't believe I can listen to records at my leisure these days, attached to the head. The only question during: Who next?

How I missed the Listening Station so. Radio Classique 99.5 FM through the receiver. Its green numbers lit up remind me of the old receiver in Quality Builders shop. I loved adjusting that thing as a small girl sitting up on the high counters, sawdust everywhere.

My procrastinating ways need to stop! There is work piling up and I have yet to begin! Today after a family dinner with Chanel and Lola, I picked up a thin pen and drew a Chinese military man, regal in his stature. I have been drawn to old military imagery lately; rows of guns, ammunition hanging on shoulders, pith helmets.

Thin illustration on velum. Photo swiped from Astral P. August 2011.

Night scene on the back balcony. Montreal, August 2011.
The other day Virginie walked into the garden while I was drawing a woman in army clothes holding a gun. I closed my book, embarrassed. She never asked to see it.

Pith Off illustration. Simple pen ink on cardstock; Montreal, Aug 2011.

Old Fucker illustration. Ink pen on cardstock. Halifax, 2011.
No other options. Montreal, August 2011.

Erin and Derek illustration: Attempt 1. July 2011. Yikes.
 I am ram running head first into the woods. Change is stirring, I can feel it moving under my feet. Time with Leo is down to a single day! How can I sum up a year of learning with that child? I love him dearly, this is all I know. Le Poulet, I love you.

As good as stuck. Montreal, August 2011.

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