Monday, August 1, 2011

Color Harvest.

Classic, delicious. La Have Islands; July 2011.


Here are some of my favorites from the Color crop (that I picked up after reading Grandpa's Flying Journey book. Made it downtown in six minutes on Alba, whoa la). Trip pictures; the long wait, the computer dump, the sort through. Oddly enough, most of my favorite photos are of Simon. How I miss his island outfits, that easy laughter.


The empty Belly to the Sea house; kill me. Bell Island; July 2011.

Looking down and looking out of lost sea homes. Bell Island, 2011.

My favorite shot; sums up my holiday well. Bell Island, 2011.

The Smith's fireplace. Out of place, yet appropriate. Bell Island, 2011.
Fool's Cove. Bell Island, 2011.

Looking out across the bay from my rock perch at Fool's Cove. Bell Island, 2011.

Moose pining after Geof; Bell Island, 2011.

Exploring the island yard at Fool's Cove (do you see bike spokes? I do); Bell Island, 2011.

Boys putting the Dory in the water at Fool's Cove; Bell Island, 2011.
Bowl on top of La Have Bakery (dream life for someone); La Have; July 2011.

Choosing his board; La Have, 2011.

Ripping in topsiders, what a guy; La Have, 2011.

Contemplating life at the best swimming hole. Near Lunenburg; July 2011.
Photo. Simon Richards

One of my favorites from the Underwater Cam; in water pictured above.
Photo. Simon Richards

Feet in nature; Fool's Cove. Bell Island, 2011.

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