Monday, August 1, 2011

Flying with Grandpa.

Fast day. Leo's ears were bothering him, poor kid. It is terrible seeing a baby in pain, but oh oh oh how I love to hold him close when he is sick. We hung out in the rocking chair for a solid portion of the day. It was the only place he was quiet. In my opinion, there really is nothing better in life than singing a baby to sleep. Wet curls drying into the softest bed of chicken hair. Leo, how I will miss you.

In the morning we cruised to the Jean Talon market. I picked up a bunch of fresh produce to have on hand while Lisa King Craftswoman is in town! Oh I could just burrrrrst at the thought of her in my bed tomorrow. WHAT!?! Excellent. Can't wait to roam town with that woman. Splash parc hang out. Made a pot of soup, whipped up some pork/ veal/ mushroom/ parsley burger patties. Pretty delish, and so simple too.

Came home, zoomed to Outremont to pick up a Mother Parcel (Kim Kroeker, you are out of this world) and ripped it open greedily on the front step of Casa Clark. Inside I found all kinds of things! Animal crackers, soup, wild rice, chocolate, candy (of course), People magazine (haha) and my Grandpa's latest book based on his flying career. I read it cover to cover, so engrossed I forgot I was still wearing my helmet. See cover below.

My Grandpa Syd, the Pilot (and writer).
His latest family book. July 2011.

Grandpa, I was very impressed and proud. It made me cry! I miss my family so blinken' much, and to read stories I had never heard before just hit home. I am assuming it was Grandma who slipped the cash tight into the spine, thank you! I miss you two. I wished there had been more photos of all the Reimer grandkids squeezed into the back of your Archer. Those memories of flying together on Sunday afternoons are some of my most dear. I will never forget my first night flight with you, Mike and my dad. We flew from your airstrip in Rosenort towards Winnipeg and I will never forget the creeping orange glow of the city. Ever a child of the country, I was baffled by the color in the dark and you explained how the lights of the city lit up the night.

One of my greatest pleasures as a young girl was riding in your baby blue VW Bug to the hanger for plane rides. Shit, that car was so awesome. Plane rides! How lucky were we, that that was the norm?! Wild. I loved the process at the hangar; watching you pull the plane out, testing testing testing to make sure that thing was safe, the first noises from the prop, climbing aboard, small feet on the wing, Erin and I taking turns with the headset. Anyway, thank you for your stories; they brought upon a wave of my own sweet flying memories.

I am a granddaughter of a pilot, the sister of one too. Considering the long list of To Do's in my life, learning to fly is high among those. We'll see. For now, you have control.

Love, Megs

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