Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Loose grip, tight ship.

Creme introduced me to Cat Power, essentially. What Would The Community Think, his favorite. I always go to her Jukebox album out of bush habit, but the more I listen to What Would The Community Think, the more I understand where he is coming from. Nude as the News sounds so damn good through headphones. Click to have a listen for yourself. Followed by They Tell Me? Ohhhhh baby. Hard to put to words my appreciation for such sound.

Here is some recent photo work. Hopefully these are the last two rolls I pay to have developed. I am sick and tired of paying for a service that I could easily do for myself. Soon enough.

Julie's sparkler; 3-4-1 party. Montreal; August 2011.
This was scanned backwards, now I see.

Gitch on the line. Montreal, August 2011.

Lion and Bull; 3-4-1 party. Montreal; August 2011.
Step 1. Xacto Step 2. Spray
 A frenchman named Laurent shot this of Virginie, baby Marie and I.
Studying darkroom. Île aux Chèvres, Quebec; 2011.

CFM shoes. Montreal, August 2011.

Laurent shot this as well. I like his composition, that eyebrow, his woman.
Île aux Chèvres, Quebec; 2011.

Peace; 3-4-1 party. Montreal; August 2011.

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  1. my favourite is the last photo. his shirt reads "unlikely futures". how telling.

    also the baby is beautiful.