Saturday, August 27, 2011

J'ai faim.

After yesterday's morning sadness dissipated, I slapped on some lipstick and got myself together. Bootstraps hauled up. I am no longer employed full time! Ahhhhh! Secouuuuuurs! Always a frightening thing, jumping from certain places to get to others. A to B. J to K or whatever. I wanted to say that I am not sad (as yesterday's post might have implied)! I am EXCITED. Thrilled that the time is nigh. 

Art School.

While Leo may no longer be my boss, he is a boy who lives down the street from me always interested in adventure. When Virginie came home from her work yesterday, we watched Leo so freakin' proud on his balance bike with two pairs of misty eyes. The Spry family has been so generous to me. I was reminded 100 times that their door is always open. Je sais, je sais. It is nice to know I have found family in surprising form that I can call to ask: ce qui est pour le dîner?

Now that there is free time where there was once not, I am trying hard to put some projects to bed. Here is a list in no particular weighted order:

- Dogfreak mail project: Bring to completion, plus 1 x LLB
- Victorian House illustration: finish the damn thing!!!
- Storm illustration: begin the damn thing
- Mail three YOTR Rabbits already
- Wedding portrait illustration: finish
- Old Lady Teacart: FINISH

I am a suuuuuuuuuuuuucker for art accessories. Things to aid in the production portion. Art ease. I don't know. I would far rather adorn my work table than body, any day of the week. Bits and bobs will be the death of me. Tiny ships, spools of string, stamps, teacups for anything loose begging to be contained, a miniature haus, bottles and bottles of ink, doll furniture, weird Mexican doll sisters. Papers, papers, papers. They find their way onto my person, the speed of collection shocks me even though I am the one at the helm. Today I bought a stack porcelain watercolor dishes for watercolor. 

Here is something I made today, scanned once dry. It is not something that needed to be ticked off my list, it just came to be in the very avoidance of it. I guess this is how I make art. I have a hunch this tactic will not fly by art school standards, whatever those are. Gotta do my thang until I no longer can.

Painted Haus. Flipside perspective. Watercolor on copy. Montreal, August 2011.
For Rags McLaren, you inspire me to letter.

For Stuart, just because. Stencil negative, illustration in pencil; Montreal.

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  1. your art is beautiful. you are growing and it shows. happy to be trailing alongside you. here's to another year. who the hell knows what comes next. all the people we will/won't meet. LOVE YOU.